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What agreat site you have well done


I am drooling. I just have to get some Disco Lights even if I have to kill to do it. I cannot wait to see what all that stash turns into so get knitting!!


Oh my,lots of yummys there I really must try and go next year to one of these shows just to see the variety . SEE ? I don't do window shopping. Totally with you re being a house slut ;) the older I get the less I care about how the house looks . Its a rebellion against always being tidy in my past life !!


You didn't give me anywhere near as much as you bought here! A mightily impressive haul ;) So good of you to have started on xmas pressies.... I need to get on with that, too.....


A very fine haul indeed, I see why you don't require seasilk at the moment!
I think most men look good in set in sleeves, but raglan would be easiest, wouldn't it? And the thought of ever decreasing rounds is very appealing!


What a haul! And such lovelies too.

I like what you did with the finger knitting - although I like the first use better ;)

Teh sweater looks great so far.

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