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I really like this jacket, Mary Lou, and I think the buttons are just right for it.


Hi, are the buttons your own? I desperately need a good supplier of buttons, I have got Renaissance buttons through Woolly Workshop but would love a UK supplying the whole range or an equivalent.

Buttons make or break a garment, I like natural, I like shapes and styles that echo the garment. Your buttons are perfect for this one.


Hi there! Just wanted to let you know your blog is in the queue (FiberArts Bloggers ring) as it's been over a month since you've posted. It's nothing at all personal, and if you would like to give me a heads-up when you've put up another post (even a quick one) I'll be very happy to move your blog back into the ring a.s.a.p. :)


That jacket is divine. I would have to make it much longer in the body and the arms . Love the red too , wear it with pride:)


The jacket looks amazing. It sounds like it was hard work to make though.


Lovely jacket - looks like wearing it will be like walking around in your own personal glowing wood fire.

And are you making your own buttons?


What a beautiful jacket, well worth all your hard work.


The jacket looks lovely. The yarn seems to show off the texture of the different stitch patterns really well.


Thanks for your comment on my Nantucket. It sounds like you have made some good modifications yourself. Everytime I see a Nantucket finished, I am inspired to reknit mine! Love the buttons!


The Jacket looks great but sounds a little lik hard work!! But the Buttons are fab and go very well

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