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I'm glad you're back. Spring is almost here, I hope that therefore means lots of posts from you!

Happy Birthday to your son, he looks very happy and handsome.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Anne Budds set in sleeve caps a bit odd. They just don't seem to follow the decrease pattern that more conventional patterns do. Shame, because the books are so useful otherwise.


Glad to hear you're ok and coming out of hibernation. The jewellery is all very pretty.

Happy Birthday James!


I too wait to come out of hibernation as I find this time after December to be the hardest time of year and I wish I lived somewhere warmer.
Love your jewelry , did you make them all ?
I STILL don't own an iPod and in fact only last week DD was trying to 'update' me. There are some great songs there ,some of which I own . Did you see Bryan Ferry on TV some weeks ago ; I used to think he was hot but now I think he just looked sad :( Oh dear I can't beleive I am that old


I know exactly what you mean about the season - but very, very glad to hear that it is only hibernation, and the ideas are still there, waiting to burst.

And what a music list, takes me back too, damn you (and do you now find yourself listening to 'modern' music, muttering about noise?).

And happy 18th, James.

Weeble on.

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