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Wow! It looks fantastic. Great work.


I also found your site through an oddball knitting search. Your cardigan is beautiful.... far surpasses the tatty afghan rug that was once my stash!


my stomach flipped when I saw this....(that's good !)


How pretty! I love the colors, and the buttons are cute!



It's gorgeous! Did you make the buttons yourself?


I found your site through a random search for "oddball knitting" (must have been an advertiser's link). Before I resume my search, I had to tell you that my jaw dropped at your handiwork.

This is hand-made knitting at its pinnacle, in my opinion- intricate, lush, crisp, and gorgeous. One look and we know it was hand-made, but in a good way. I've made a couple sweaters and a cardigan, but I don't think I'll ever make it to where you have. Brava!


Beautiful sweater. I love it.


Love it!!!!!!! I have a hankering - get it!! HANKering!!!


WOW!!! Is all I can say that looks stunning!!!
BTW are you aware that there is a nasty pop up when one comes to your site? My Popup Checker warned me..


Wow, amazing colours! Love those buttons wiuth it too. :-)


It's lovely! The buttons are a perfect match.

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